How to Recover Photos from Transcend CF Card after Format Error?

Photo recovery from Transcend CF card after format error is made easy now with Memory Card Recovery Software. Download the free Memory Card Deleted Files Recovery Software and preview the recovered photos from Transcend CF card for free prior activating the complete version of the software. Try now for free!!!

The digital cameras with inbuilt memory capacity hardly have storage capacity more than enough for a few photos, which really just enough to get you started. In order to store a large number of photos, you need an external storage device i.e. flash memory cards. One of the most popular brands and type of memory cards is a Transcend CF card that has been around for almost as long as digital cameras. IBM Microdrive is a version of CF card type II and is just like a miniature computer hard drive that you can place inside your digital camera and store a lot of pictures.

Storing your images on CF cards until you can download them to your computer with a USB card reader is a reasonably fast and easy way to download your memorable photos. However, it is not a good idea to store critical images on memory cards for any longer time than you must. This is because your CF card may fail at any time with images on it that have not yet been downloaded. You just connect your Transcend CF card using a card reader to a PC to transfer the photos that are stored in the camera’s memory card. As you connect the CF card, the Windows recognize it and display it in the Windows Disk Management panel. But, when you try to open or access the photos, you will get an error like “The Disk in Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”

Why and when does format error occurs when Transcend CF card is inserted into camera, smartphone, or a computer?

What does this error indicate??? This error indicates that the type of file system that has been assigned to memory card is RAW. This actually means that either the memory card has been formatted with an incompatible file system that cannot be recognized by the Windows Operating System. Or else, the memory card has lost the file system that has been assigned to it. File system stores and manages the file stored in memory card. It stores allocation information of each and every file stored on a CF card. If the file system gets corrupted then you may not be able to access the contents from Transcend CF card. A file system may get corrupted due to several reasons like virus attacks, abrupt removal of the CF card during data transfer, sudden power failure during data transfer etc. If you have formatted your digital camera’s memory card on the computer then also you may get this error. This is because, if your system assigns NTFS file system by default then when you insert the same card in your digital camera then you will fail to access the card. As memory cards support FAT32 system, you should format it using the FAT32 system only. If you fail to format it properly then you will lose your all the files dwelling on it. But fortunately, you can recover deleted files after memory card formatting with the help of Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card application in no time.

Free Memory Card Recovery Software to Recover Pictures from Transcend CF card after Format Error

Memory Card Recovery Software can easily and quickly restore erased data from digital camera’s memory card. It also has the ability to recover pictures from Transcend CF card after format error. If you have lost audio files from microSD card due to corruption then you can use this software. This software allows you to retrieve audio songs from microSD card after corruption.

Additionally, it can also restore another type of files like videos, documents from different type of memory cards like SD cards, XD cards, MMC, CF cards etc. To know how this tool restore deleted files from SD card click here. You just need to download the free demo version of this software to evaluate the recovery results.

Quick steps to recover photos from Transcend CF card after format error

Step 1: Download and launch Memory Card Recovery Software. Select “Recover Photos” from the main windows and then select “Recover Lost photos” to retrieve lost images from Transcend CF card.

Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card - Main Screen

Step 2: Select Transcend CF card and then click on “Next” option to start the photo recovery process.

Memory Card Recovery - Memory Card Selection Screen

Step 3: As you click on “Next” option, the software starts scanning the memory card to recover lost photos. Once the photo recovery is done successfully, view recovered images using “preview” option.

Recover Memory Card Files - Preview Screen

How to avoid loss of photos in the future?

  • It is best practice to take a backup of important photos to avoid loss of photos
  • Make use of effective and updated antivirus program to avoid loss of photos due to virus attacks.
  • Disconnect your memory cards by using “Safely Remove Hardware” icon.

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