Learn How to Perform XD Card File Recovery

You can restore data from XD card using a Card Recovery software without missing any of your important files from it. Use the simple installation steps provided by the trial version for evaluating the results before you opt for licensed version.

XD is a short form for "Extreme Digital". It is a unique flash memory chip that is mainly used on digital cameras. Including digital camera, it is also used on other electronic devices such as iPhones, MP3 players, Laptops and many more. XD cards have a more compact size in comparison to another memory card. It is usually used in super-mini digital camera including Kodak, Olympus, and Fujifilm. Because, of its higher transmission speed, it is regularly used to execute data transmission process between digital camera and computer.

On the other hand, a big problem with these cards is that it can easily be mishandled and you may run the risk of losing your precious files from them. If for any reason you accidentally deleted your important files from the XD card while using your camera, you don't need to worry about your files. As you still have a chance to recover those deleted files back. By using a powerful deleted file recovery program, you can recover your files from XD card within few clicks.

Reasons which leads to data loss from XD cards:

Human Fault: You may accidentally delete your important files from your camera XD cards by hitting on "Delete All" option while previewing. Losing important files due to own mistakes leads to huge disappointment. With the help of deleted file recovery tool, you can easily recover files from XD card which you had accidentally deleted. It even facilitates you to recover deleted photo file from memory card. Continue reading…

Improper File Transfer: Files may get lost/deleted while transferring data from your XD card to PC or vice versa. Interruption in between file sharing process will disturb the transferring process in between and cause deletion of files.

Format Error: It’s really frustrating when your computer displays a “Format Error” message on the monitor as soon as you connect your XD card to your system. This message forces you to format your XD card, which results in complete data loss. At this situation, you need the help of deleted file recovery tool to recover files from XD card.

File System Corruption: XD card file system may get corrupted due to virus attack, which results in loss of data from it. If the file system of the XD card gets corrupt then you can’t access a single file from it. To make your XD readable you need to format it, which in turn will delete entire data from your XD card. Using deleted file recovery tool you can easily solve out this issue and recover your file from XD card. This tool not only supports XD card recovery, it even supports music file recovery from corrupt Micro SD card, Mini SD card, and CF card.

Using this tool you can recover audio, video, and photos from your XD card in a secure way. Additionally, it even helps in recovering RAW image format from different digital camera media cards, for more information go through this link - http://www.recoverdeletedfilesfrommemorycard.com/media.html. Also provides an option to preview of photos files, so that one can select the correct photo files before recovering it. This is the fabulous application to recover deleted image file from SDHC card of various brands such as SanDisk, Kodak, Kingston, Transcend, Samsung etc. Read here to know more…

Useful Tips:

  • Do not eject the XD card abruptly in between file transfer process
  • Prior to any deletion, make sure about your file selection
  • Regularly transfer your XD card data to your computer
  • Stop using the XD card, if its memory is full
  • Make use of a good anti-virus software for your computer
  • Regularly transfer your XD card data to your computer
  • Do not use the same XD card on different devices
  • If data is deleted or lost from your XD card, then immediately stop using it to avoid overwriting

Easy step to recover files from XD card

Step 1: Download and install Memory Card Recovery Software to restore data from memory card. Launch it using a shortcut icon on your desktop. After launching the tool, select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen and then select "Recover Deleted Photos" option to a deleted file or select "Recover Lost Photos" to recover lost files from XD card.

Recover Files from XD Card - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the XD card and click on “Next” to start the file recovery process.

Recover Files from XD Card - Select XD card

Figure 2: Select XD card

Step 3: Once you finish recovering files from XD card, preview recovered files using “Preview” option.

Recover Files from XD Card - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Screen

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