Software to Retrieve Deleted Images from Memory Stick

Download the free demo version of File recovery tool so as to get back your files that has been deleted from memory stick. You can use this application on SD card, CF card, and XD card, external hard disk, iPods, DSLR cameras, audio players etc.

The memory stick is a removable flash storage device commonly used to store data on several portable devices like Sony DSLR cameras, PSPs, audio player, cell phones and so on. These sticks are very small and can store huge amount of data which can be carried anywhere within a pocket. However, unfortunately even these devices have faults and problems like corruption etc. which results in few / severe image or other media file deletion. But luckily such intentional or unintentional deleted images can be retrieved back using Memory card recovery software.

Suppose you capture a lot of pictures from your Sony digital camera which uses a memory stick as its storage device. You connect the camera via USB to the computer, in order to transfer those photos from the memory stick, and then an error message popped up saying that you need to format the memory stick before using it. The format process deletes each and every image file from your memory stick. So now you are wondering on, “How to retrieve deleted images from a memory stick”?

If you are a user with the above-mentioned situation, the answer for your question is definitely yes. Using memory card recovery software, one can easily recover deleted pictures from memory stick. This is possible because your memory stick storage device is similar to PC hard disk drive i.e. when you delete photo files from memory stick; the camera only marks the image as deleted and makes that space as available, whereas the photos still remain on the memory stick. So as long as you don’t save any new files to the memory stick, recovery is possible with the aid of memory card recovery application. This is the best tool to perform deleted picture recovery from the memory stick. Using this fabulous application user even recover deleted files from media card of various brands. Visit this site fin more details about media file

Other Reasons for Image Deletion:

Apart from the format, there are several other possible reasons due to which images from a memory stick are deleted. The first and the foremost cause would be formatting; this could be due to intentional or unintentional. Accidental deletion of images from a memory stick or when stick connected to the computer is also a reason. Malware or virus attack on memory stick leads to corruption and in turn picture and other media file deletion. There are possibilities of image deletion if you utilize the same memory stick on different operating systems such as Mac and Windows. An unauthorized user or third party application deleting your image file without your knowledge and etc. To overcome from all such critical situation and to recover deleted pictures from memory stick you need the help of memory card recovery tool.

About Memory Card Recovery Software:

Memory Card Recovery application is an amazing recovery application to retrieve deleted images from a memory stick. This tool made deleted picture recovery from memory stick as simple as eating softy. The software recovers deleted pictures from erased, formatted and corrupted memory stick and also helps you in recovering different kinds of files including images, audio, pictures, RAW images etc. Other than recovering files from a memory stick the tool also gets back files from storage devices such as memory cards (SD card, CF card, and XD card), external hard disk, iPods, DSLR cameras, audio players and many others. Click on this if you want to recover files from XD card.

This recovery application easily helps you in retrieving deleted images lost due to any of the reason mentioned in the previous paragraphs. It even allows the user to recover video file from the flash card. Go to this site to acquire complete info about video recovery from flash drive. The tool makes use of advanced built-in algorithm to make your file recovery faster and much simpler, more to this the software is available for free trial download utilizing which you can predict the recovery chances and if you are happy with its outcome, then you can go for the full version. This tool also can effectively recover deleted photos from memory card of Nikon, Sony, Cannon and many other popular brands of camera.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Avoid using your memory stick after image deletion mishap
  • Copy and backup your important image and other media files from memory stick to computer
  • Use antivirus application to protect your memory stick from virus and other external threats

Steps to retrieve deleted images from Memory Stick:

Step 1: Download and launch Memory Card Recovery Software. Select “Recover Files” option from the main screen and then select “Recover Deleted Files” option from the next screen

Retrieve Deleted Images from Memory Stick - Main Screen

Figure1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the memory stick and then click on “Next” to proceed

Retrieve Deleted Images from Memory Stick - Select Memory Stick

Figure2: Select Memory Stick

Step 3: As you click on “Next” option, the software starts recovering the deleted files from memory stick. Once the recovery is completed successfully, you can view the recovered files using “Preview” option

Retrieve Deleted Images from Memory Stick - Recovered Files

Figure3: Recovered Files

Simple Tips: Always recheck the folder or file that you are deleting to make sure that it is not important or the folder does not have important files. Keep a backup of important files so that you can restore when you lose those files by mistake.

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